Wood Shop Tour Part 2

Yesterday I took you all on a tour of my dads Wood Shop.
Hope you all have recovered from the saw dust overload.

Today I thought we would go visiting some friends of the wood shop.
So come on along with me, yes there is room fur you all in my dads truck.
 Dogs on the left Cats on the right. No fighting or farting around.
Put your seat belts on and crank up the music.
We never go over the speed limit so Sarge won't give us a ticket.

                     Here we go, over the bridge mom hates cause she is a sissy.


                                          BOL we can see the Space Needle from here.

                                          This is my dads friend the Sea Bass.

                                                        This is my dads friend Sandie.
                                                            She caught a Cat Fish.

                                                                 Here's Jen, another friend.
                                              Lets hope she doesn't put salt on the frog legs
                                                      and eat them for lunch!

                                                           Do you smell BBQ ribs?

                                                  Isabella, She's a real princess.

                                                        Ezra, He's no Jack Sparrow
                                                        but we love him anyway.
                                                     He always has treats at his desk.

                                                   Come on over to Holly's desk.
                                                  We can all take turns shooting hoops.

                                                       For those of us Care Bear lovers.

                                                 We love Lisa K.
                                               She does the payroll.
                                           Hey Lisa, can ya add a few zeros to my next check?

                                                    This Dragon Fly isn't going to catch bugs!!!!!!
                                                Those are plastic plants hahahahahahahahaha

                                                     Lady Bug for Good Luck.

                                                         Everyone needs a friend like
                                                                Jeffrey Giraffe.

                                         Hey friends my Mom is here, lets go home with her.
                                         We can stop and get a taco or burger on the way home.
                                         Hope you all enjoyed going visiting with me.
                                         My Dad said come back again. Everyone was
                                         on their best behavior. That means no one pooped on the floor.

                                         Thanks for going with me today.

P.S. Linda here:
Jeff has a day job, the wood stuff is just his hobby.
But if you see anything you'd like let us know.
We can custom make anything fur our friends.




  1. OMD OMD THOSE are ALL so cute. Who does all the painting of them?

    THANKS fur taking us along on such a fine trip. I am really REALLY glad that we got Ernie Outside in time. WHEW. Good thingy I had our "BAGS" along.
    Your dad REALLY does some grrrreat work!!! Could you give us an Idea about how much thingys cost? I'm thinkin they might make a GRRRREAT PRIZE Pressie fur somebuddy's Contest or stuffs like that.
    THANKS AGAIN fur letting us come along Cinnamon.
    Hope we didn't get your dad's truck all Hairy.

  2. Thank goodnesses you didn;t mention burping...sorry bouts all my burpin..it's indigestion.
    Your dad has made tons and tons of furiends and they is all so very beautifuls!
    Frankie has an excellent idea!


  3. Daddy said Mom better make him a web site of his own.
    He ain't no puter man. His pecks at
    the keyboard like a bird.
    Just about everything is $16.00 to $25.00
    Plus shipping

    There are a few exceptions, Choo Choo Train, $150.00 it's 3 feet long and takes a lot of time to build.
    He will put any name on a desk plate for you and customize it to your liking. Just ask. Dog Cat Bird Frog Princess even your own picture, you pick what you want we'll make it.

  4. Hi Cinnamon, thanks for taking us on the ride to meet your friends. Good thing we left our Mom at home, she wouldn't like that bridge either. Cool friends - your Dad is very talented.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. That's quite the bridge! You've got one talented Dad!