Once apon a time

Once in a land far far away my mommy Linda, had another big dog. His name was Samson. He came from a family of  Bull Mastiff lineage..She and her husband adopted him from some friends. Samson had a sister her named was Lucy. She was adopted too, By Mr Al's best freind. Samson was a puppy when they picked him up from the adoption center. She told me that when her and Mr Al picked Samson up, she told Mr Al the neighbors are going to have a fit when they see this dog.
 My mommy said he ate an entire roast off the kitchen counter when she wasn't looking..... Finally he stopped growning at 127 pounds.
He snored louder than a big bear in hibernation too.
He would cry to go outside and play with the little kids.
But the man next door was scared of him when he would stick his head over the backyard blockwall fence. He loved the water and would run in the sprinklers too.
 oh and Mr Al would get so mad when
Samson would bite at the freshly mowed grass.
Mr Al was a good dad to Samson he even let Samson sleep in the king size bed with Mr Al and Linda.
Thats my mommy Linda up there in the picture with Samson he's the one with the black face and brindle
colors. My mom colors her hair so I thought I should point out who is who so you would know ha ha just kidding.  Mr Al lives in heaven now and my mommy Linda is here in Seattle.
She misses Mr Al and Samson alot, so I kiss her right smack on her ears it makes her laugh.

Picture is from 1997


  1. oh cinnamon we are furry sure that he along wiff mr al is waiting up in heaven just to meet you two and they are watching out for all of you. sometimes if you notice some kibble or some yummy treats missing it might be samson paying you a visit hehe
    give your mommish some sugars from us okay?

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

    we are going to feature all your cuteness in our welcome wednesday post for all our friends to see so be weady !!!

  2. Samson is almost as cute as Cinnamon. Being the dog lover that you are, or that Linda is, have you seen the too cute video going around on u-tube? Google it, it's called Ultimate dog tease- if dogs could talk this is how they would sound. It will make you laugh for days.
    Josie x

  3. HEELLLOOO!!! We came over from Kissa-Bull. Samson was one good looking boy! Momma has always wanted a Mastiff. As for the neighbor... some people are so weird.

  4. We just know she loves it when you kisses her on the ears. We are very pleased to meet you. Artemisia, Scylla & Socks (The cats) and our doggie Fenris

    We are known as AFSS so Mommy doesn't have to type all our names.

  5. Heeeeeellos Cinnamon, I is coming by from da Pittie Pack1 It is nice to meet you. My name is Puddles...and believes nuttin you hears bouts me...only half of it is true...hehehehe! Oha I is a girl too but not girly likes you is.

    Samson was HUUUUUUUGE!!!!! But oh my gosh, da brindle furs were stunning. I likes brindle furs. My BFF is a brindle girl...you would like her very much, her name is Mayzie!

    Tell your mom not to worries cuz my mum colors her hairs too.

  6. Well, if you visit my blog you will see how much the full sized brindle doggies are adored around here. It's only right. However, you in your pearls is quite a vision. Perhaps I can convince momma to print out a copy to add to my gallery of hot gals.


  7. Welkhome to The Khoolest Place on Earth:


    I'll look furward to more Cinnamon Tales!

    Of khourse, Samson was a furry handsome fella!


  8. Boy oh boy, you doggies sure come in big sizes. 127 pounds! Phew, tht would ten of my size. I have a sister doggie, her name is Asta. I love making friends with you all. You certainly are a cutie. I loved hearing about you and getting to know you. Hope we can become good friends.

  9. Hello Cinamon! I came to visit from the Pittie Pack. We have been goooooood furends fur EVER. So any furend of THEIRS is a Furend of All of Blogville. WELCOME!
    We have a blast.
    PeeS... I love your pearls!!

  10. Hallo Cinnamon the Sharbullie! Pittie Pei? You are mighty pretty! It is so nice to meet you and Mr. Al here who is hanging out w/our brudder Wally. THe Houston Pittie Pack referred us to you and wanted to say WOOF!

  11. Hi Cinnamon! We are glad to meet you and your mommy! We came over from kissa-bull because we saw your cute picture and just had to meet you! Samson was a very handsome boy - and wow, he was BIG! We are sorry your mom is missing him and Mr Al but we understand how that is. We think it is great she has you there to take care of her!!

    If you would like to come meet us (even though we are a bunch of kitties - but we love the doggies - just check our party post from Monday - we had doggie stuff and everything) stop by and see us at House of Cats (our link is in our profile). It was nice to meet you and we can't wait to read more about you!!

  12. Hi Cinnamon, nice to meet you. The Pittie Pack told us about you. Mr. Samson was a big boy, wasn't he, but he sounds like he was a very nice one.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Hi dere Cinnamon! Coco from da Pittie Pack did send us ober here. And we sure are glad.

    Bobo says 'woof woof' he thinks yer a purty girl. I say you have fabulous sense. I myself like to wear a single strand of lovely pearls too. Just that though to show off my beeuteeful face and figure.

    Our Papi and bruvver Spoiler went to heaven too so we knows how you feels.

    Bobo and Meja

  14. Hi Cinnamon, our Mama's name is Linda too. Samson was a bootiful doggie and we're sorry he is not with you now, along with Mr. Al. So sad to lose our loved ones too young. We lost our Angel Snickers to cancer too and now I Butchy have been officially diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and cancer has now spread to my left lung. You can read about us on our bloggie, we are 2 wire fox terriers and 5 rescued catsies from Iowa. http://butchyandsnickers.blogspot.com/
    We just know you are keeping your Mama happy and we look forward to reading your adventures.
    Wirey Hugs, Purrz & Licks,
    Butchy, Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie & Zeek

  15. Welcome deew Cinnamon to ouw ciwcle of fwiends!!!!
    I think you and youw Mom awe bof vewy vewy bootiful and hope you get lots of giggle snad love fwom being in Blogville.
    I am so sowwy that we couldn't meet Samson, that most handsome big boy, but Knowing that he is keeping MrAl company in heaven until you can all be togethew makes me feel happy.
    I know that youw kisses and love will help youw Mom feel loved always and give hew giggles and that is most wondewful.
    smoochie kisses

  16. Hello again Cinnamon! Our buddy Asta told us about you and Kiss-A-Bull did too. Samson was a big guy for sure. Kind of like Mango of MA.!! We are sorry about your daddy. We hope you help your mama stay happy and make her laugh.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD & HOotie

  17. Hey pretty Pearl!We are sniffing over from the Pittie Pack Place.
    You are such a beautiful gal.
    Please come visit me when you have the chance.

  18. w00fs, nice to meet ya...the pittie pack sent us too...me sorry Mr Al and Samson is not wiff u now..but at least they are together...

    b safe,

  19. I came via my woofie friend to say hello and welcome to blogland. You are so in for a treat when you get to know all our friends because they rock.. Hugs GJ xx

  20. You guys are from Seattles?!?? Our ma ape used to live there and would like to move back some day! Our brudder Wally (who started our blog and coined the phrase Wallymelon) was from a rescue in Snoqualmie (originally from Yakima). We love new friends!

    (Our word was "bulness" BOL!

  21. Hi AGAIN Cinnamon, Guess what?? I am a CGC Therapy Dawg and... I go to visit at a Nursing Home once a month. It is grrrrreat fun fur me.

  22. Hi,
    It is nice to meet you. We came from the Pittiepack blog. You look very pretty in your Pearls. We are so sorry your Daddy and Samson aren't with you. I think Mango in Ma will be in love with you when he sees you.
    Sally Ann and Andy

  23. hihi miss cinnamon!!

    it is very super duper nice to meet you! the pittie pack 'n wees woofed about you and how we should come visit, and i'm way glad i did! you sure are a pretty little lady, and i think your pearls are totally fab! :)
    thankies for sharin' about samson and mr. al. they both sound like they were way awesome like. i'm sorry they aren't here with you 'n your mama now, but i so know that they are watchin' over you both from above. pretty please give your mama some extra gooey nose kisses from me, okie dokie?

    the booker man

  24. Hey pretty girl. It's Mona & Weenie. We live in Houston right down the street from Kissa Bull. Lucky, one of the wee ones, is my boyfriend and Coco told us about you so we had to come over.

    You look gorgeous in your pearls. Mommy has some but she never lets me wear them. My brother Weenie is blind so he can't see how prtty you are but he'd look to sniff you sometime.

    Samson sure was a handsome fella. Sorry he and Mr Al aren't with you anymore but Bet they are both looking down smiling at all the new friends your gonna make. Blogging is so much fun!!

    xxxoooxxx & {{{huggies}}}...Mona, Weenie and Mommy, Sarah too!!

  25. Hi Miss Cinnamon,
    wees comed over for a bisit and to say Howdy!
    We lib in Colowado, two kitty's and a handsome Woffie!
    Chloe says she just lubs you peawls, now she wants Mom to get the gween papews out and get hew some of dem!

    Chloe, Cecil and Winston