Dog Days of Summer

Hi my name is Cinnamon I am a Pitbull/Sharpei but my mommy calls me the SUPERVISOR.
I got that title because I do nothing just like a human supervisor.
I am really really good at waiting for the refrigerator to open, joy riding in mommys truck,
and my dad's truck too. I love to hang my head out the open window.
Some humans are afraid of me.
But then they meet me and know I just pass out wet kisses.
Come on a joy ride with me on my adventures around Washington.
Use caution when your munching on that cookie because I will want one too.
Can we stop at 7 -11 and get a hot dog?
I love pink collars with bling and my teddy bear.

Here I am doing what I call keeping a eyes on things.
Maybe I'll spot a squirrel in the yard.

Can I have some cookies too?